CHANGHONG launched super slim refrigerator

Feb-28, At the product launch in China for the latest Changhong refrigerator, Zhao Yong, Chairman of Changhong, used a chainsaw to cut a Changhong super-slim refrigerator in half to demonstrate its slimness. The door of this super-slim refrigerator is just 45mm thick, 40% thinner than ordinary refrigerators, and thanks to CHiQ’s patented technology, it not only keeps food fresh, it offers impressive storage capacity in an exceptionally compact design with low minimum clearance.

The international Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Changhong Focus on Displaying “AI+IoT” Application at CES in 2019
The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opens in Las Vegas on Jan/8/2019. This show gathers the top technology products from all over the world and makes the trend of deep integration of AI+IoT more obvious. Changhong, as the leader of artificial intelligence home appliance over the world, will display CHiQ TV, refrigerator, air conditioner with AI+IoT application, and integrate whole house intelligent home appliance with IoT to realize the inter-connection and control among different brands intelligent equipment, attract exhibitors from all over the world to be here to experience and enjoy more convenient family life.

8K TV ARTIST shows excellent design
With super exquisite image, 8K high-definition television becomes a hot topic of 2019 CES, at the first time Changhong exhibits CHiQ 8K double screen TV ARTIST, which has outstanding audio-visual performance, and whose appearance design even gets rid of traditional TV “small backpack “to make the back of TV into a flat one, keep harmonious coexistence with family environment, and realize some bold innovation, like DFD1.0, dominant speaker.

ARTIST introduces the concept of “location “from space design, which can work as a partition between two functional spaces, such as living room and dining room, and provide related content services to match with different activity scenes. At the same time, with the deeper cooperation with Dolby lab, the product combines HDR image and Dolby panoramic sound and makes users to experience 3D sound effect of Dolby panoramic sound through a built-in sound system of the TV to feel more relaxed and convenient. According to the staff introduction, ARTIST, as a product combining aesthetics and technology, along with AI+IoT technology, can connect all intelligent home appliances of the whole family and become the center of them.

In addition, Changhong CHiQ series C7UT laser TV is exhibited too, except its breakthrough in three-color 4K, C7UT color gamut coverage is180% NTC which reaches the limit of all display technology gamut, this further consolidates Changhong laser TV’s leading technical position.

Focus on the solution of intelligent home scenes
At this CES, “AI+IoT” technology and “smart screen-command center of intelligent home “become the hot topics. Changhong provides the “intelligent housekeeper” App both of mobile phone terminal and TV terminal based on consumers’ habits, enabling consumers to detect and control home environment in the mode of going out and being home, and completing related operation through voice interaction mode of TV. With AI+IoT technology, Changhong focuses on the solution of intelligent home scenes and improves users’ sense of experience.

Changhong, after being the first enterprise to apply AI+IoT technology to household appliances, will continue to strengthen the research and development and project investment of AI+IoT technology, and accelerate the technology transformation. With using IoT technology as a base and taking TV as a center, Changhong launches brand new artificial intelligent appliances, including CHiQ TV, CHiQ refrigerator, and CHiQ air conditioner, and realizes the inter-connection and control between CHiQ TV and some devices in the intelligent home ecological chain, such as CHiQ refrigerator, air conditioner and MIUI brand devices through powerful IoT compatibility protocol.

At this CES, Changhong Ailian launches the world’s first Azure Sphere module which is certified by Microsoft. This module provides data security protection in industry level for all kinds of IoT devices through taking Microsoft Azure Sphere high security IoT WiFi chip, along with embedded Microsoft Azure Sphere operation system and unique Cloud security strategy.
With Changhong excellent performance at this CES in 2019, Changhong’s achievements in improving gradually the intelligent concept “hardware + software + content + operation + service” which are based on IoT and transforming intelligent home appliance business in recent years is obvious, so, under the trend of global AI+IoT intelligent scenes application, Changhong will gain attention and favor from much broader consumers.

Changhong 60th,has embarked on a new journey

On October 28, Changhong's 60th anniversary strategic transformation and new product release meeting was grandly held in Mianyang, Sichuan. Industry experts, customer representatives and media reporters witnessed this memorable moment together.

Founded in 1958, with a history of six decades of development, Changhong has witnessed the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry, and the rise of the household appliance industry. In the development stage of diversified and internationalized transformation, Changhong has become a comprehensive multinational enterprise group, integrating military industry, consumer electronics, core components and other industries, with products and services covering more than 140 countries and regions worldwide. The brand value of Changhong is 21.4 billion dollars, and ranked in the World's Top 500 most influential brands for 11 years.
Huayi Compressor Industry subordinated to Changhong has ranked first in the world since 2013, with a global market share of over 20%. Ai-Link Technology subordinated to Changhong as of September 2018, and has provided reliable connection services for more than 200 million electronic products, which is the largest IOT module provider in China. Through the integration of internal and external resources, Changhong is promoting the integrated development of its subsidiaries, realizing the double improvement of operation efficiency and scale strength.
At present, Changhong has more than 200 million users worldwide, whose sales scale has steadily grown to hundreds of billions in the past three years. Looking back on the 60 years of brilliant achievements, Changhong's every progress is worth cherishing, and every honor is worthy of pride.
Promote industrial transformation and focus on "three major industries"
The 60th anniversary is a monument to history, which also announces that Changhong is about to start a new journey. We will continue to deepen this intelligent strategy, guided by the "new three coordinates", focus on the development of the "three major industries," such as information household appliances, industrial services and military-civilian integration, with high-quality resources, and promote the upgrading of the industrial structure.
Through the continuous enhancement of technology upgrading, we will strengthen the intelligent household appliance business based on the IOT, expand the categories of new intelligent terminal products, establish the ability to acquire user data, and continue to build a user operation platform and improve the "hardware + software + content + operation + service" five-in-one intelligent ecology based on the IOT. For the information household appliance, Changhong will focus on creating a new generation of household appliance products, represented by CHiQ series of artificial intelligence household appliances, and accelerate the development of user operation business with data as the core.
Create a new artificial intelligence experience
With AI+IOT technology as the core, new products of artificial intelligence household appliance launched by Changhong realizes interconnection and mutual control between Changhong CHiQ TV, CHiQ refrigerator, air conditioner and Xiaomi and other intelligent household ecological chain equipment through powerful IOT compatibility agreement.

With the generation of the new CHiQ series of artificial intelligence household appliance, which will further consolidate its leading advantages in the field of artificial intelligence technology, Changhong will provide consumers with increasingly intelligent and convenient products and services, and create an intelligent life that better "knows you".
Changhong, which has been in business for sixty years, is gradually growing into a Chinese manufacturing giant in the way of serving consumers worldwide. In the future, Changhong will lead the future with technological innovation, change the world with intelligent manufacturing, and make imagination a reality.

CHANGHONG being the partner of Borussia Dortmund BVB

Changhong recently has signed on as a partner with Borussia Dortmund BVB, a Football Club for the 2018-2020 season.
Dortmund BVB is the second largest sports club by membership in Germany, and plays in the Bundesliga which is the top tier of the German football league system. Dortmund BVB is one of the most successful clubs in German football history, and has won eight German championships, four DFB – Pokals, five DFL Supercups, one UEFA champions League, one UEFA Cup Winners Cup and one Intercontinental Cup.
Dortmund DVB plays their home games at Westfalenstadion. The stadium is the largest one in Germany and Dortmund enjoys the highest average attendance of all association football clubs in the world. Dortmund DVB ranks No.2 in Germany, and No.11 in the world.

As an important household appliance enterprise in the world, Changhong has a long history. It has been 60 years exactly since its establishment in 1958. Now Changhong is a multiple transnational company with annual sales up to 20 billion dollars, more than 80 thousands employees and more than 10 thousands patents. Its products cover several industries such as television, refrigerator, air conditioner, compressor, kitchen and sanitary products, real estate and robot.
With the development of globalization, Changhong has established 3 research and development centers, 4 production bases, 7 offices and 13 subsidiaries in other countries. Its products are sold in more than 150 countries and regions of the world with overseas sales revenue reaching 2.4 billion dollars in 2017.
CHiQ is a new brand owned by Changhong which represents more intelligent,more fashionable and brings more innovative life to consumers.

The perimeter fence signage included in the partnership gives CHiQ branding exposure to worldwide audiences on televised matches.
We believe that the cooperation between Changhong and Borussia Dortmund will make both parties stronger and better.

Changhong Ruba Introduced 4K-UHD TV Technology in Pakistan

Launch of latest 4K Technology Curved UHD TV brings the Changhong Ruba among the leading brands of consumer’s electronics in Pakistan.

Changhong Ruba has recently stormed the market with their state-of-the-art products ranging from LEDs, Air Conditioners, Water Dispensers and Refrigerators and more products coming in the future.

Changhong was established in 1958, since then it has developed as the largest TV production base in China, known as the King of color TVin China and one of the most famous home appliance brand with over 56 years of development. Changhong has been shaped as a comprehensive multinational corporation integrated with R&D, production, sales and services for TV sets, air conditioners, refrigerators,IT communication network, digital products, chips, energy , commercial electronics, electronic products home appliances and new flat panel display devices etc. Changhong is a large scale consumer electronics enterprise integrated with R&D, production of flat panel TV (LED, PDP AND OLED) with annual flat TV production capacity of 20 million sets. In 2013 Changhong brand value hit USD 13.6 billion and more than 90,000 staff worldwide. It has been forecasted that by 2015 Changhong revenue will hit USD 23.62 billion.

RUBA Group Established in 1971, since then it has grown to become a leader in the electronics industry by investing in the latest technology, setting up state of the art local manufacturing base and providing innovative products to the Pakistani market. Ruba Group serves in diversified industries such as electronics, textile and construction. The group has operations based outside Pakistan in the Middle East, Far East and Africa.Ruba Group is committed towards providing quality products and services to improve the living standards of Pakistani consumers thus becoming No. 1 Group in Pakistan.

Ruba Group has collaborated with Changhong group to establish new innovative brand Changhong Ruba for the Pakistani Market.

Recently, in 2014 Changhong Ruba launched the first Curved TV (3DUD65C8000i) in Pakistan. It is the first Chinese brand to promote the Curved UHD LED TV in Pakistan. The 65” and 55” curved LED TV is equipped with UHD TV technology, and its curvature fully completely meets ergonomic requirements. It provides better picture quality, higher definition and brings best consistent viewing edge to edge with narrow and thin structure, lengthens the watching distance and brings astonished visual enjoyment to the customers. Curved LED provides same audio and video at any angle. Curved TVs are the next phase in the evolution of the home viewing experience, offering 'a deeper sense of depth, wider viewing angles and a clearer picture quality with higher contrast levels creating a more immersive viewing experience from virtually any viewing position or angle.' Changhong curved TV - 3D55C8000i belongs to the flagship product C8000 series. This product not only has the latest global technology LED screen, but also has a dual-core ARM9CPU plus dual-core Mali400GPU chip platform. LED glass is very thin, only 0.5-0.7 mm.

They opened Ultra high definition era 8.29 million wonders with zero practical picture quality makes it perfect to watch TV. Changhong Ruba’s physical resolution of the Ultra High Definition TV screen is 3840 X 2160 (4K x 2K) with chip decoding the UHD 4K x 2K program source, and clarifies over 4 times of full HD 1080P TV. It includes a full web browser. The TVs come with UHD up scaling, which converts full-HD, HD and lower resolution sources to nearly-UHD clarity through a four-step process that includes signal analysis, noise reduction, up scaling and detail analysis. Further on the features include Android 4.2, C-Store, gesture control for games, built in Wi-Fi, richer and clearer sound system, multiscreen interaction with a super stylish design and a bow type metal stand. Compared to other products, Changhong Ruba curved TV has higher resolution and is more suitable for watching movies. 3DUD65C8000i intelligent operating system is a completely independent research developed by Changhong with an innovative virtual machine technology, it is fully compatible with international mainstream operating system (such as Android 4.2, Voice control, video call, mobile phone, touch remote, air board and mouse ) and is one of the smart home solution.

It has been developed with amazing 3D, full web browser, C-Store and Body sense gaming (Body sense games are new electronic games that can be operated by body movements, breaking the previous press mode of operation by simply pressing buttons, so that people can achieve a healthy life even while stay in at home. Although it has certain felicity.Changhong Ruba Curved UHD TV is a Perfect Combination of Art & Technology

On the 25th of September, 2014 a launching ceremony took place in Lahore for the launch of All-New Curved UHD TV in Pakistan.

At the ceremony, Changhong Ruba’s key personnel were seen along with the company’s important figures from Pakistan and China.

Mr. David Hu (CEO) Words from his Speech: (final words will be taken from the speech). The (CEO) of the company spoke about the success achieved throughout this establishment period and shared a promising vision of progressing and expanding.

Mr. Manzoor Khan (Director Ruba Group) Words from his Speech; (final words will be taken from the speech) .With investments from foreign partners, a huge development in the technological sector is foreseen. Changhong and Ruba look forward to strengthen the bond with collectively flourishing the market and all sectors of growth respectively.

Mr. Babar Cheema (Marketing Department Manager) gives the introduction about product and highlights the key features of Curved UHD TV and its Technology during the event.

Dawn Lifestyle Expo 2017 Islamabad

Changhong Ruba recently participated in DAWN Lifestyles Expo 2017 & 2018 Exhibition in Islamabad, Lahore, and KArachi. The 2 day event was held at Expo Center Islamabad from 30th to 31st of December 2017, in Lahore 6-7th of Januray 2018, and 2,3,and 4th of Febraury 2018. The event featured leading Electronics, FMCG, Garments, Textile, Furniture, and other Corpoarte Brands of the country.
Changhong Ruba designed a number of activities to attract crowd at their display. The activities were games, quizes, singing comptetitions, dance, and Lucky Draw. Huge number of Crowd participated in these activities. People were given information about our products, given deals on our products, and enrolled them in Lucky Draw. The response from crowd was amazing. A Few Glimses of the event are shown below.

Changhong sponsors the Belgiam National Football Team- FIFA 2018

2018-03-09 Changhongaircon

At the Appliance & electronics World Expo exhibition which hold on 8th, March 2018, Changhong officially announced the sponsoring of the Belgian national team and they will work together to fly the CHINESE spirit over the World Cup. At the signing ceremony, Li Wei, General Manager of Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. stated that: Leading technology and products are Changhong's genes. In particular, Changhong's continuous investment and accumulation in recent years, has resulted in a qualitative leap in products. At present, Changhong's product development level has been greatly improved, manufacturing capacity has been continuously enhanced, artificial intelligence has been fully presented and smart industry upgrades have been accelerated. Just like the Belgian national team, which is known for its technology and overall strength in the football field. Therefore, in this year's Football World Cup, we invited the Belgian team to join hands with us to witness Changhong's full participation in the“Technology World Cup”, “Product World Cup” and “Industry World Cup” in the field of household appliances.

As a Chinese brand with a deep history, Changhong has started the internationalization road since 1998. In 2005, it began to increase its efforts to “go global” and established wholly-owned factories, joint ventures andoverseas acquisitions. InIndonesia, Pakistan, Spain, the Czech Republic and other countries along the “the Belt and Road” investment to build subsidiaries, establish research and development centers. Based on the accumulation of Changhong in the field of smart manufacturing over the years and many break throughs in the field of smart technology, the overseas market share of Changhong TV, air conditioners, and Meiling refrigerators has steadily increased. The Changhong team together with the Belgian national team will help further develop overseas markets.

According to Bastien, the official representative of the Belgium Royal Football Association, Changhong is the first Chinese sponsor in the 123-year history of the Belgian Football Association. It is very grateful to the trust of Chinese brands. With the cooperation and cooperation of the two sides, I believe that in 2018 they will achieve excellent scores in their respective “races.”

Changhong Flagship Store Now Open in Dubai!

On July 8th, in downtown of Dubai, the city full of extreme luxury and gold, the first flagship store of Changhong in Middle East was open for business! Huang Dawen, the Deputy General Manager of Changhong Corporation and Board Chairman of Changhong International, Wu Jianbo, the General Manager of Changhong International, local officials and major partners jointly attended the opening ceremony.

Changhong Flagship Store is located on the first floor of Dubai Business Center Nakheel Mall, adjacent to Carrefour, and occupying the golden section of the mall. The store mainly exhibits and sells the products of Changhong brand, including the latest 100-inch laser television, OLED television, UHD smart television as well as a full range of products including smart air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, commercial display, etc.

Huang Dawen, the Deputy General Manager of Changhong Corporation, expressed in his address at the opening ceremony that the vision of Changhong is to become a globally respected enterprise, in order to reach this objective, we have formed clear overseas brand development strategy and have been gradually implementing it. Currently, Changhong has over 200 million users across the globe, as well as develops business and promotes independent brand in over 160 countries and regions across the world. Deputy General Manager Huang also indicated that the opening of this flagship store is only a part of the brand promotion of Changhong in 2018, the company will continue to increase inputting of resources in the aspects of product R&D, industrial design, marketing, etc., he believed that Changhong will certainly become a leading brand of home appliance industry in the Middle East Region. He also thanked Carrefour and other strategic partners and mass distributors for their support to Changhong, and invited them to visit the R&D Center and Production Base of Changhong in China, and establish even better long-term partnership.

Changhong entered the Middle East market in 2000, established the Middle East Representative Office in UAE in 2005, and established the Changhong Electric Appliance (Middle East) Co., Ltd. in 2010. Currently, the company’s business has covered Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and some African countries. Since 2017, Changhong began to release the sub-brand of CHiQ in the Middle East Region to target the mid-to-high end. Local customers have showed great interest in CHiQ and its products, currently, the sales of Changhong high-end smart products is in excellent trend.

This is the first independent flagship store of Chinese home appliance brands in Dubai. The Middle East Region is currently in the process of transformation from traditional business model to new retail, the integration of online brand promotion with physical product demonstration is an important method to enhance brand awareness. The opening of this store not only greatly promotes the brand image of Changhong in UAE, but also demonstrates the latest technologies and products of Changhong to the customers in the entire Middle East and Africa regions, which is good for the enhancement of Changhong’s brand value.

Using high-quality products and services to meet the demands of consumers across the world is the dream of Changhong and also the objective of the struggle for the people in Changhong.

Changhong: The 120th Canton Fair

Port Fair (referred to as the "Canton Fair") is being held in Guangzhou. Since its inception in the spring of 957, it has never stopped. The 60th anniversary of the Canton Fair this year, is a very important moment. The CPC Central Committee, the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce and the Canton Fair Organizing Committee and other departments attach great importance to the exhibition, and the exhibitors at home and abroad are quite impressive. Official statistics show that domestic and foreign exhibitors is up to 24,500 and the number of buyers is up to 200,000.
Changhong, as China's largest and oldest home appliance brand, is not only a frequent visitor to the Canton Fair, but also for nearly 18 years of VIP exhibitors. Central leaders at all levels have visited Changhong booth several times, given great expectations and spoke highly of the Changhong development.

In this Canton Fair, Changhong has shown its ability on innovation of IoT and product applications. Intelligent implementation of the strategy for three years, Changhong had a rapid advance on intelligent terminal home appliances, intelligent manufacturing, sales and O2O service transformation, global integration of research and development based on the cloud platform and large data, establishment of an open global IoT data operation platform, users operations and the establishment of intelligent ecosystem. Changhong had formed a unique ompetitive in intelligence era.

In the technical aspects, Changhong launched a full set of intelligent services of intelligent home security, intelligent health and intelligent services. In the terminal products aspects, Changhong introduced a new CHiQ smart TV, CHiQ smart temperature control refrigerator, CHiQ smart APP air conditioner and other smart appliances, leading innovative trend of home appliances. Changhong CHiQ second generation of "smart temperature control" refrigerator was awarded the annual best internet innovation intelligent refrigerator by the IFA Organizing Committee in September IFA exhibition.

In recent years, Changhong has coped with the grim situation of international trade through a series of measures. First of all, Changhong increased R & D investment overseas and innovation. 2016 Changhong set up R & D center in Czech Republic, focusing on research and development of high-end smart home appliances and last June Changhong released high-end smart TV in Europe. Second, Changhong had improved overseas investment layout, seeked mergers and acquisitions and strategic cooperation, promoted and strengthened the European white brand merger and the Czech industrial factory construction; strengthened overseas independent brand promotion, strategic investment in the construction of brand globalization development; strengthened overseas investment and financing platform construction, reduced exchange rate risk. Finally, Changhong strengthened overseas base construction, and constantly improved the management level of overseas subsidiaries, and promoted the healthy development of the overseas subsidiaries.

From January to July, 2016, Changhong brand sales increased by 29% and Changhong brand sales in Europe significantly increased by 175%. 100-inch laser projection and other products appeared in the exhibition received extensive attention by overseas customers and professional persons.

New Artificial Intelligence Era of Home Appliances

Artificial intelligence era has really come. On July 28th, the first new artificial intelligence conference of China home appliance industry was held in Beijing and the world's first artificial intelligence TV - Changhong CHiQ TV has launched stunningly. Based on perfect technology logic and big data operations, Changhong successfully launched the world's first artificial intelligence TV, to bring users more thoughtful, personalized service. That marked the global TV industry into a new artificial intelligence era.

Alternative release: “Dialogue” between Robot and TV

The new way of release beyond everyone's expectation: Changhong invited a special guest - recently hot robot, beauty "Yaoyao" to the spot, to communicate with Changhong artificial intelligence TV. Product presentation and demonstration were showed through “Q&A” between two intelligent machines.
By interacting with Yaoyao, Changhong new artificial intelligence TV presented its highly accurate far-field voice interaction capability, ultra speed search technology, full voice control, personalized recommendations and other skills. All above skills allow Changhong CHiQ TV to accompany users like a friend. Users can chat with Changhong CHiQ TV while they are watching TV. And CHiQ TV can also receive instructions to make the appropriate actions. After a long time "man-machine" communication, artificial intelligence CHiQ TV has been fully interpreted and has also brought us a new artificial intelligent audio-visual experience.

In addition to the most basic functions of Android systems and voice interaction, Changhong artificial intelligence TV has advantages of self-adaption, self-learning and self-growth. First, it can respond to the instructions given by the user and the fastest response speed is 3 seconds. Second, as Changhong CHiQ TV has analysis ability of viewing habits, it can automatic analyze and find what films you most like to watch in the whole network according to your usual viewing habits. The longer stay with it, the more precise it recommends. The machine that give us a cold image can be our truly friend. Test data shows that Chinese speech recognition rate of Changhong artificial intelligence TV can reach 97% and natural voice interaction distance between people and television can reach 30 meters. That means users can freely interact with TV at any place of their house.

Intelligent transformation: Changhong fully enter the artificial intelligence field

"Changhong has a long history of artificial intelligence, such as robotics, machine recognition, human interaction and computing applications. Artificial intelligence TV is just the tip of the iceberg.” According to the report, Changhong has entered artificial intelligence basic research from 2012 and has made considerable progress in the development and application of the sensor module and speech recognition chip, and artificial intelligence technology research and development based on the big data. A lot of achievements have transformed into commercial use.

Experts discussing the development status and trend of artificial intelligence

This March, Changhong released the world's first open IOT operation support platform (UP Platform), becoming an IOT intelligent transformation milestone of Changhong. It marks Changhong have realization capability of big data, networking and smart home, smart communities, smart cities, and other services. Changhong CHiQ TV can achieve "cognition, decision making, feedback", that manly benefit from data and operational support of Changhong UP platform.

Changhong opened a new artificial intelligence era of home appliances

Artificial intelligence is becoming following hot point and our artificial intelligence industry has met a new development opportunity. The birth of Changhong CHiQ TV has indicated that Changhong technology preparation has translated to results. And it also marked the combination with China traditional home appliance industry and artificial intelligence technology. In the future there will be more "artificial intelligence" home

CHANGHONG: Forbidden City CES 2015

To accelerate the expansion of the North American market under the smart strategy, CHANGHONG enlarged the booth area up to 892 m2, which makes Changhong become one of the largest booths of Chinese Consumer Electronics brands. That fully shows CHANGHONG’s determination of accelerating international development. The booth extended Oriental art style and show a visual cultural feast to visitors by the unique combination of the 'Forbidden City' culture and products.

Facing with the new internet consumer electronics industry and morphology, CHANGHONG achieved the interconnection of intelligent terminal products and the construction of a completed home internet ecosystem by software-defined products, use of cloud services and big data platform.
CHANGHONG provides a set of smart home system solutions based on CHiQ series products.

CHiQ TV has achieved triple-play and allows consumers to 'throw the remote control away '. CHiQ TV conquered consumers with its powerful features.

CHiQ refrigerator regards cloud image recognition technology as the core and achieves a two-way interaction between consumers and CHiQ refrigerator by integrating cloud computing, networking and big data technology.

CHiQair conditioner applies a variety of sensor technology to sense the human body and the surrounding environment state. CHiQ air conditioner can dynamically and timely adjust parameters and change the wind direction, temperature and on-off state according to the parameters.

General Manager of CHANGHONG, Liu Tibin, attended and addressed in CHANGHONGopening ceremony at CES 2015. Senior vice president of CEA - KarenChupka, President of IDG and President of GfK also attended the opening ceremony.

Mr. Liu said in his speech, CHANGHONGCHiQ smart life Museum officially opened and welcome all guests. That marksCHiQ as the representative of the world's leading new intelligent applicationof household appliances with IOT form formally enter the international market.

At CES 2015, CHANGHONG display a full set of high-end smart appliances – ChiQ TV, ChiQ refrigerator and ChiQ air conditioner, and 105-inch laser projector, smart phones and other end products. This is the first time that CHANGHONG display a full set of ChiQ brown and white products at CES after releasing CHANGHONG smart strategy.

The 116th Canton Fair: Changhong Make Your Imagination Fly

The 116th Canton Fair was held on 15th October. Changhong as an important exhibitor of the Canton Fair displayed a large number of high-end products, including Curved TV,4K TV, OLED TV and Smart TV.

Changhong’s exhibition theme is “Make Your Imagination Fly”, that shows Changhong’s imagination, creativity and the aim to change the world.

Curved OLED TV -55Q1A, released on February 25th, is the first curved OLED in China. It has advantages of curved design and vivid display.

Changhong Q1C series is an important exhibition display, including 65-inch and 55-inch.

Changhong also showed the frameless product –Q2R series, including 65-inch, 55-inch and 49-inch.

The 114th Canton Fair: Changhong Make the Imagination Come True

The 114th Canton Fair was held on 15th October. Changhong as an important exhibitor of the Canton Fair displayed a large number of high-end products.

Changhong products have mature technology, especially the U-MAX living room TVs. U-MAX living room TV UD85C9000i reaches 85 inches size with four times the pixels of conventional Full HD TVs. Besides digital integrated design, dual-core CPU / quad-core GPU and Android 4.2 operating system, UD85C9000i is equipped with Changhong TVOS framework software platform. And it is also equipped with body sense games and voice control function. UD85C9000i can give users simple and convenient experience.

Another product, 70 inches Pen-touch TV, also attracted a continuous stream of customers to our booth. Compared with previous products, the 70 inches Pen-touch TV is equipped with the big screen touch function. The user can easily use a stylus to draw diagrams directly on the screen, like playing with his mobile phone, to achieve interaction of applications or games.

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