Established in 1958, Changhong has been developed as the largest TV production base in China, known as the "King of Color TV of China" and one of the most famous home appliance brands. With over 58 years' development, Changhong has been shaped as a comprehensive multinational corporation integrated with R&D, production, sale and service for TV sets, air conditioners, refrigerators, IT, communication, network, digital products, chips, energy, commercial electronics, electronic products, home appliances and new flat panel display devices, etc. Changhong is a large-scale consumer electronics enterprise integrated with the R&D, production and marketing of flat - panel TV, with annual production Capacity of 20 million sets. Changhong established commercial centers in 10 countries such as France, Algeria, Ukraine, India, Thailand etc. And 8 subsidiaries in USA, Australia, Indonesia, Czech, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Pakistan and Hong Kong. Products are sold in more than 110 countries and regions with sales network all over the world. Together with the strategy of promoting self-owned brand, Changhong has also jointly developed OEM / ODM business with many world famous brands. In 2016, Changhong's brand value hit USD 18.4 billion, more than 90000 staff worldwide.

Technical Innovation

1: Strategy for Technique Innovation

In current competition of internationalization for enterprises, technique innovation has been the core for the enterprise to be existing, to gain sustained development, and to maintain its advantages; It’s of great importance for modern enterprise to enhance its competition by technique innovation and developing comparative key technique. Along with the speed up process of globalization and the internationalization of competition among enterprises, it has become the priority for enterprises to carry out the technique innovation. Guangdong Changhong Electronics Co., Ltd (know as a company) is keeping abreast with the time. It established its R&D center in 2004, which demonstrated the launch of the technique innovation strategy.


R&D center:
The R&D center shoulders the execution of technique innovation. From June 2006, it has grouped talented staffs with 200 technicians, including more than 20 senior technicians; The R&D center covers 1000 square meters land with total 4000 square meters’ usable area. There are a few offices in the center; they are working on structure, package design, digital TV, Slim CRT, flat panel TV, PDP TVs separately. The R&D center are armed with advanced equipment absorbing from abroad to guarantee its independent research on ICs, techniques, new materials… and moreover to ensure the technique innovation.

2: System

Innovation System::
Innovation system is constituted by technique research, technique management and mass produce. Technique innovation is based on technique research to improve the products according to market’s demands, offer qualified products to mass consumers, and finally achieve the blueprint of company development.

Technique Research:
Under the guidance of the company’s running object, R&D center practices technique innovation form three aspect: advanced technique research, new technique application and technique improvement. R&D center has accomplished design for more than 20 new models of digital TV, slim TV and flat panel TVs. By adopting the research achievements from Sichuan Changhong, R&D center has embarked on 100 projects of research and exploring, among them the research on digital TV to USA was granted the project of the province, thus been supported by government. Thus R&D center ranked as the high-tech enterprise, and the likes, and most products of the company are listed in free-inspection products by national quality supervising bureau.Up to know, R&D center designed the products are suit for Europe, America, Asia, middle-east and Africa, and are popular among world wide consumers. While improving its own core technique, R&D center concluded cooperation agreement with Philip, Toshiba, sanyon and so on, and set up joined research labs in Sichuan working on IC designing to world consumers.

Technique Management:
R&D center lay out the direction of products development, competitive advantages, new markets exploring and economic value by upgrading the products under the guidance of producing current one, testing new technique, researching for new and conceiving new ideas. It leads the company to enhance the basic technique while speed up on new products research, promotes technicians capacity, and push the company’s development.

Nowadays, there are three chip-sticking production line controlled by R&D center, with annual point-stick capacity 800 million, Company has become one of the main TV exporting basis with modernized insert machinery group and auto-TV assembly line of 5million productivity.


3: Innovation Channels

Innovation System::
Company established the R&D center to keep watching on tendency of technique development, studying on technique; which is to make products meet the markets’ tide and consumers’ demands; On one hand, to satisfy different demands on TVs of the consumers from various regional of world market, R&D center studies the features of each market and combined the features with the products. On another hand, company adjusts the inner resource, works on the basic technique study to promote the difference of the TVs; and offer more convenience and boon to consumers.

World Class Technology R&D Center

Technical strength: Changhong owned state level technology center, Reliability technology center, Engineering Technology center and User centered innovation.

Manufacturing capacity:

61 high-speed LCD TV production lines and a single line can produce up to 200 units per hour as for the 32-inch product, with an annual output of more than 20 million units. Global Leading Quality Control System Changhong possesses the only Electromagnetic Radiation Test Laboratory and Semi-Anechoic Test Laboratory in China for assuring the quality of products. Additionally, Changhong is developing the global new standard on quality with world-leading 91 precise control procedures.

Quality assurance:
TV product lines are approved by the ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO4001 environmental management system certification; fully equipped with accredited laboratories and testing facilities.



Every Line is the Expression of Art

  • Changhong Released the First Curved TV in China
  • Four Side Ultra Slim Design
  • Metal Process
  • ART Panel
  • Flue Thermal Design
  • Acousting Design

Recently, the 2013 China Science and Technology City Fair opened in Mianyang, Sichuan Province. Changhong released the Chinese first curved TV - 3D55C8000i. This means Changhong led Chinese TV manufacturers official against Japan, South Korea TV manufacturers.
LCD glass is very thin, only 0.5-0.7 mm. Although it has certain flexility, it is easily broken. Changhong cooperate with international top module manufacturers and finally overcome the technical problem. Changhong broke the monopoly of foreign companies in the curved TV market and became the first Chinese brand to release the curved TV.
Changhong's first curved TV is equipped with U-MAX viewing technology, and its curvature fully completely meets ergonomic requirements. Curved brings best consistent viewing edge to edge.
Changhong curved TV - 3D55C8000i belongs to the flagship product C8000 series. This product not only has the latest global technology LED screen, but also has a dual-core ARM9CPU plus dual-core Mali400GPU chip platform. Changhong curved LED TV supports Ciri intelligent voice system, gesture recognition, multi-screen interactive, poster-style UI. It uses the Changhong newly developed U-MAX OS system and integrate internet, applications, TV programs, films, media, games six plates in an application interface. It is reported that Changhong curved TV will be available at the end of this year.


CHANGHONG opened UHD �ultra high definitionï� era

6.2208 million wonders CHANGHONG physical resolution of the ultra high definition TV screen is 3840x2160 (4Kx2K), with chip decoding the UHD 4Kx2K program source, and clarify over 4 times of full HD 1080P TV. The picture is more delicate, more abundant, render more detail. Compared with HDTV (High Definition Television), this technology has a higher resolution, larger viewing angle, and presents a strong visual impact, also solve the detail lost and authentic restoring problems of big screen TV.


3D + Android

Intelligence is Everywhere
CHANGHONG 'Xuanyuan' intelligent operating system is a completely independent research and development by CHANGHONG; with innovative virtual machine technology, it is fully compatible with international mainstream operating systems (such as Android 4, LINUX, etc), and it will be one of the smart home solutions in the future.

Smart Interaction (voice control, gesture control, face recognition, video call) Smart Control (Mobile Phone, PAD, touch remote, air board and mouse.

3D, Full Web Browser, C-Store

Multi-screen Interaction
Smart browsing (remote controls, remote scheduling, home monitoring), remote wireless sharing.

Automatic upgrade, manual upgrade:

P17-P18 SMART Interaction
An exciting era of home entertainment has arrived. Changhong’s new Smart Interaction feature on the Smart TV supports Motion Control, Face Recognition and Voice Control capabilities that will help to control your Changhong Smart TV.

Control your Changhong TV with your Voice
Allow you to perform tasks such as turning on the TV, changing channels and accessing Changhong and Smart Hub applications. You can vocalize your commands into the remote control’s built-in microphone or speak directly to the Changhong Smart TV.

Control your TV with a simple hand gesture
Smart Interaction by Motion Control will help change the way you interact with your Smart TV. This new function reacts to hand movements to perform tasks such as changing channels, selecting Changhong and Smart Hub applications or even navigating through WebPages.

Face Recognition
Enjoy the convenience of logging onto Changhong Smart Hub and Skype with smart interaction by Face recognition. Through the built-in camera, this feature is able to help recognize your face, rather than the need to log in via your ID and password with the remote control.

Audio and Video Experience

Android + Linux

Body Sense Game

Body sense games are new electronic games that can be operated by body movements, breaking the previous press mode of operation by simply pressing buttons, so that people can achieve a healthy life even when they stay at home.

Bluetooth - Body Sense Interaction
Latest 2.4G wireless bluetooth technology, helps you enjoy full-range body sense exercise. Wide induction = No dead angle; Fast response = No stop; Quick reaction = No delay.

Mobile Body Sense
Android mobile phones could act as body sense terminals, and become one of the items for home-use body sense. More convenient games, with less payment.

Sports Plus+
With the support of new generation of multi-screen interaction, multi-players could take part in mobile body sense together. This acts as the new bridge of communication among households. It supports up to 4 players online at the same time.

happy family
Switch your living room into sports court!


Brand New UI

One Button Straight Choice Technology
Original one key selection technology, three theme application; directly select HOME, MyApps and Media Player with one key. Additionally, the background can be changed freely, and the interaction interface may switch according to your use habit.

Free share

Smart multi-screen interaction
Changhong is a leading brand making the interconnected ability of TVs, computers, and smartphones available. All the computers, smartphones and flat computers with Android system or iOS system can be connected wirelessly with TV. The smart wireless connection of multi-screen devices can infinitely extend your feelings. The legend of individual TV apps in the Internet age leaded by Changhong makes your dream come true.


Control TV by Cell phone

1. Intelligent mobile terminal can automatically adapt to TV model and get the remote control key interface. This feature allows the user to replace the entity remote control.

2. Users will no longer rely on entity remote controls; commonly used touch-screen devices are easily changed into remote controls, while better solving key perishable, remote-control delays and other issues.

Sharing of video, pictures, songs
1. Televisions, computers, mobile phones and other smart devices can form a resource-sharing network through Wi-Fi, any device can access resources on other devices in the network, and select the display device for playback.

2. Computer stores a large amount of media resources, phone collects your individuality resources, TV screen shows great watching effect; three device features are a perfect combination of synergistic action between devices; users can achieve seamless sharing of multimedia resources.


C - Store

CHANGHONG C-store was developed on cloud technology, designed for smart TV users to create app store; it contains nearly a thousand globalization and localization of online applications such as audio and video, online shopping, games, information. In order to ensure that consumers can download and install the latest, hottest applications in a timely manner, CHANGHONG professional application development teams and the world's leading content providers work together, to meet the needs of consumers through cloud remote servers.

Smart Eco Plus

Four energy-saving technologies effectively reduce the energy consumption of the TV to meet global energy efficiency standards.

1. Panel: using ART panels, the energy consumption is two-thirds of ordinary LED panels.
2. Chassis: with smart control technology, through adjusting the chip frequency according to the TV work and backlight power consumption, which can effectively reduce power consumption.
3. Power board: CHANGHONG, as the aircraft power supply technology owner, effectively improve the power efficiency by 80%, avoiding energy waste caused by low power efficiency.
4. Introduction of new flue heat dissipation technology avoids internal temperature rise and protects it from low chip processing speed, waste of energy, as well as short life expectancy.

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