Meiling’s Product Quality Inspection Capability

The center laboratory of Meiling was approved by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) on March 13th, 2008, and then approved by CNAS for its lab verification ability in July, 2008. It has given Meiling more reliability and credits in terms of refrigerator verifications.

Meiling laboratory system includes: testing room of refrigerator performance, testing room of compress matching, publicized testing center of RoHS, testing room of acoustics, testing platform of compressor C.O.P. measurement, life testing platform of compressor, comprehensive tester of electricity performance, testing room of high-temperature and low-temperature, testing room of reliability. Thanks to its advanced equipment and testing tools, Meiling has its capability for domestic-market-oriented refrigerator testing and refrigerator testing used for export.

Meiling has actively developed and undertaken the research to adapt the internationally advanced technology, standard and management. Through communication and cooperating with the global well-known laboratories like: CSA, UL, TUV, RST, TCA, Meiling has continuously improved itself. Also, Meiling has the long-term cooperation relationship with China House-Hold Appliance Research Institute, Guangzhou Appliance Science Research Institute and Anhui provincial quality evaluation institute.

Energy Saving:
Meiling using six core technology and five national patents for energy saving solutions, which are built on function designs, efficiency, and technology. Meiling with its environmental vision provides products with E-Star and A++ energy ratings. Meiling is highly committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

Environmentally Friendly:
Meiling’s green-thinking starts at the very beginning of the design process to be the most energy efficient and the most recyclable. The manufacture processes are also geared to efficient use of resources and support the environment friendly.

No Frost:
The no frost system provides rapid, fan-assisted, frost-free freezing for the safe, longer freshness storage of food.

Twin Cooling System:
Using two separate cooling circuits can keeps humidity at optimum level in the cooler, it also achieves more stable and faster cooling both in the cooler and freezer compartment. Besides, the independent cooling systems prevent odor transfer in between the compartments, avoiding the mixing unpleasant generating.

Centrifugal Fan:
Compared to the normal fan, centrifugal fan creates higher wind pressure and makes the air circulation more thoroughly, which helps the cold air be distributed more evenly, thus ensuring a better cooling performance.

Smart Solutions:
Meiling smart solutions will help you improve your everyday life.

LED display with touch-electronic system:
The touch control electronic system shown on LED display allows easy access to refrigerator controls and the digital set of temperature ensures optimum control of your storage.

Frequency conversion compressor:
The frequency conversion compressor can be automatically adjusted the amount of cooling power as the change of internal and external temperature, thus achieving maximum efficiency.

Low Noise
Meiling applied the latest technology in the refrigerators helps reduce the noise level to a minimum, which helps you enjoy a quiet life.


Meiling’s Scientific and Technology Achievements:
Meiling is one of the national levels “High-Tech Developing Enterprise” with advanced product developing availability and creative capability. It has its national leading position compared with its counter-parties in application technology developing and research, prototype test and verification.

The 1st refrigerator of Meiling:
January 20th, 1984 is one memorable date for Meiling team. Relying on Meiling’s own technology source, the 1st unit of single door cabinet refrigerator, BY-158 was produced from manually-operated equipment in Meiling’s workshop, after which Meiling commenced its refrigerator manufacturing March.

Revolution of Top-Freezer Refrigerator:
Through thoroughly market investigation, Meiling introduced the 181 liter top-freezer refrigerator by the end of 1988, which was the 1st one in China refrigerator industry. It was commented as “The 1st Revolution in China Refrigerator Industry” , which not only led China refrigerator manufacturing technology upgraded, but also upgraded Meiling’s position in the industry from previous rank No.20 to No. 5.

Sensational influence of Fresh-Keeping:
Being the most fundamental function of refrigerator, fresh-keeping has upgraded the traditional quality philosophy to the higher one. The 1st unit of fresh-keeping refrigerator was developed in Meiling, whose release has re-defined the philosophy of refrigerator manufacture other than “The cooler, the better”. It has brought the “the 2nd Revolution in China Refrigerator Industry”.

Energy-efficiency: the responsibility for us all!:
Energy-efficiency means more than power-saving, deeply, it is the issue of energy-saving. Meiling clearly knows its social responsibility and continuously purse for the discovery in the break-through of energy-efficiency technology. From daily power-consumption of 0.58 to 0.29, further 0.27, Meiling is always challenging, which wins the reputation of “Pioneer of Energy-efficiency”. Meiling even transferred the ownership of 2 energy-efficiency technologies to public without any charges. It helps the industry progress and contributes its efforts on the solution to energy crisis.

FASHION: Multiple-door, side-by-side Refrigerator:
Multiple door with multiple temperature zone has become the development trend of refrigerator. Meiling has released the 1st unit of 5-door side-by-side refrigerator, one of the “Athena” series in China, which was called “The 4th Revolution in China Refrigerator Industry”. The multiple-door side-by-side refrigerator has achieved the door opening control separately for each individual storage room, keeping the balance of temperature inside and much less cool-air leakage during door opening.

Market-oriented big capacity Frost free Refrigerator:
Meiling has actively adjusted the exported products’ structure and developed the big capacity, frost free, complete fan-cooling refrigerator, which has been proved to be market-oriented for global market. The cooling air system of fan-cooling refrigerator made the cooling air ventilation made the temperature inside the refrigerator evenly stable, which makes automatic defrosting and easily clean available and wins the preference among the end consumers.

The philosophy of the differentiated refrigerator:
Meiling has always been putting the end-consumers’ demand in the 1st priority. And always adapt the philosophy of the differentiation in design for consumers’ satisfactory. The differentiation products have even included the semi-conductor-forced refrigerator and cylinder-shaped refrigerators, which have brought more consumers’ excitement and satisfactory in the areas other than traditional house-hold.

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