Smart DC Inverter Technology

Difference between inverter and non-inverter appliances?

Non-Inverter Appliances
Operates on a single power setting and at a fixed speed. Compressor has to stop and start again to maintain the desired room temperature which means the compressor is either off or on.
When it is on, it works at full capacity consuming full electricity!
When the thermostat reaches the required temperature setting, the compressor stops and the fan continues to function and compressor restarts as soon as the temperature in the room goes up.

Inverter Technology based Appliances
The speed of the compressor varies to ensure energy efficient operations and provide precise cooling or heating as required.
When switched on, the compressor operates at a high speed in order to cool or heat the area rapidly and slows down as temperature approaches the desired temperature.
The compressor then cruises along with minimum electricity usage to maintain the temperature constantly thus saving electricity.
In short, it automatically adjusts its capacity based on the requirements of the room, thus drawing much less power and consuming lesser units of electricity while it is on.

Inverter Non-inverter appliances
Compressor runs constantly but at variable speed thus saving 50-75% electricity (depending on AC model) Compressor starts and stops running on full power when compressor is on.
Virtually Soundless Compressor sound is apparent as it takes the load
Longer life – Uses less power and as a result, they work less, meaning that they are less prone to wear and tear. Since compressor keeps restarting, it is used more thus leading to wear and tear.
Faster Cooling – Since it uses more power to reach the desired temperature and then goes into cruise control The compressor has just one speed so cooling/heating is slower
Comes with Wifi capabilities giving you more control over usage. Give’s you complete insights about all technical metrics such as watts, voltages, current and units consumed. It also lets the user schedule the AC to automatically turn itself on or off. Just has On & Off settings as well as the usual options. It is not Wifi enabled.

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